LACT Team 0399

399 Memo

Yes, we finally have a (realistic) website. No, the world has not ended. We needed somewhere to put all this information before it disappeared. See 'Contact' if you would like to speak with someone important.


I've been told to provide more details about our victory. We finished 1st in Double Elimination and in Double Seeding, as well as 2nd in Seeding. Check the 2019 page for full details.


We won.


742's and 399's hard work has paid off! They finished first and second and the 2019 NorCal regional as well as winning a whole host of other honors and awards. Head over to the 2019 page to see the full list.


Grinded all of spring break in preparation for Regionals. We're at the final push before the competition (with our redesigned website header courtesy of the great coder who made this website and controls these memos).


Had a solid potluck to conclude the season at Andys' house. Next season begins in just 4 months!


The seeding rounds that placed us first last year have been uploaded!


Holy smokes! Our in-house social media shaman has created an Instagram where you can follow the team!

See it here: Instagram


Back from Indian Wells! The team did well, placing 3rd overall (again), 3rd in seeding, 2nd in double seeding, and 5th in the top double elimination bracket. We also aquired a Spirit of Botball trophy and a certificate for Outstanding Robot Collaboration and Synchronization.


Here we go to 120 degrees weather with a bunch of Wallabies. The robots are mostly ready and the team hits the road (and the airport) to the desert. The resort, however, is supposed to be really nice with 7 pools and A/C.